Do You Want To Grow Your Fitness Business and Make More Money While Doing What it is YOU DO BEST?

If so, there is no better way than to use me as a personal Fitness strategist, consultant, and Coach on your journey to the top.

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I love coaching FIT (Fitness Industry Teachers).

My passion is to get you into a position where all your energy and efforts are focused on honing your craft, and being client focused rather than being bogged down by marketing strategies and business gimmicks.

When you work with me one on one we will work to solve each and every problem that may be holding you back from your full potential.

Yes, you can get my E-Book or watch my Instagram videos to help grow your Fitness Business.

But investing in coaching allows you and I to design YOUR PERFECT plan, given all the unique situational factors surrounding YOUR business.

Certifications can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, and do nothing in the way of solving the Fitness Industry Teachers (FIT) most common issue…getting and keeping clientele.

You know you were meant to do this. I am just here to provide the few key fixes that will create momentum to push you on the right track.

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I know you want to start using your knowledge in your particular fitness realm to help others and make great money doing so.

All that is left is to make the smart investment and work with someone who has been there and done that in the industry, and whose passion is solely to collaborate with fellow FIT with the intent to design and execute a plan to kick-start earnings.

Within a few sessions of Coaching, clients typically tell me they wish they had not waited this long to start with me.

If our calls only amounted to you getting only ONE more client that worked with you ONCE a week for a MONTH it would pay it’s way…and trust me, my goals are WAY more lofty than that for you. I am excited to get started!

How To Get Started

If you want me to show you how to quickly start building your perfect fitness business and transform your day to day life, review the coaching package below and buy it now.

After you purchase your package, you'll receive an email helping you schedule our first session so that we can hit the ground running! (If you don't get this email, check your spam or promotions folder, or email me at  

I can usually do same-day calls and I can ALWAYS schedule your first session within 4 days.

Fitness Business 101 Coaching Packages:

Bronze: Consultation Session

Silver: Consultation Session + 1 Coaching Session

Gold: Consultation Session + 2 Coaching Sessions + E-Book


The 90 minute consultation phone call includes:

  • Reviewing your background & current situation

  • My ethos and understanding how to succeed

  • Answer questions + Personal E-mail swap

The 60 minute Coaching Session calls include:

  • Strategies and Tools For Guaranteed Success

  • Zooming in on cutting out current bad practices

  • Personalized Tips and Strategic Planning

  • Hashing out short term plan with a purpose

  • Forming long term plan with check points

Bronze: $149.00

Silver: $249.00

*Gold: $325.00

* “Fitness Business 101: What The Certifications Don’t Teach You”, E-Book will be sent via email with the purchase of the Gold package.